Our Management

KJF National Executive Committee is Composes of 10 Directors headed by the President of the Federation assisted by the Deputy President and the CEO who is also the Secretary General of the Federation and other Directors of the federation who are democratically elected after every four years in an elective AGM as National Executive Committee. The National Executive Committee members are assisted by the County Judo Executive Committees and are answerable to the National Executive Committee.

The Technical Department is headed by the Sport Director assisted by Coaching and Education and Referee Directors who are answerable to the National Executive Committee members of the federation. Among other duties is to select the National team, Manage and Administrate National calendar of events and preparation of the National Judo team.

The management and Technical directors are focused to ensure each of the 47 County Governments have at least 15 Judo clubs by 2022. It is also projected to have a fully equipped Technical team in each of the clubs in the County Governments. In the Technology area we are projecting to have most modern Judo equipment that meets the Olympics Judo Competition standards. We are also projecting to be having our National Judo team prepare outside the country for exposure as we prepare for Olympics 2020 in order to achieve our strategic objective of having for more than seven Judokas from Kenya qualify for Olympics Tokyo 2020.